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Advantages of Electronic Health Records

It has now become almost normal for doctors to record notes into a computer during a consultation with their patients. The switch to the use of digital systems has come with a lot of benefits for the health sector although it may have taken longer to switch from the paper-based methods. The need to give medical practitioners early access to all the information they need for better diagnoses and patient outcomes has been growing in the past few years. As a of now, it is rare to come across a hospital that has not yet integrated a basic electronic health record keeping system. Storing basic information about patients is, in itself a great use of electronic medical records but there are more benefits that can be enjoyed if hospitals and clinics can manage to put it to more use. You can read about the other ways that the health industry can benefit from switching to a fuller electronic medical record model here.

You get a comprehensive view of the patient. In the current medical setup, doctors are unable to keep a dynamic patient centered record that keeps track of the patient’s continuum care throughout their lifetime. With electronic medical records being to put to use, it is going to be a lot easier. Doctors can keep one continuous record for a specific patient to get a more complete view of their general health for better diagnosis and lifetime treatment.

Coordination of care becomes easier. A patient does not have to worry about getting services from a different facility or practice due to lack of records as a doctor can easily use the electronic health records to extract them from the relevant facility. A hospital; can therefore provide all the services a patient needs under one roof so that they can be scheduled and coordinated under a single visit. As a patient, you also get better care since medical practitioners from different units collaborate on your outcomes as a team.

Medical practitioners are able to share information without a problem. Information is a vital organ of our daily lives. The operation of the healthcare sector is not any different from this. For maximum efficiency, there is a need to pass information across different disciplines, specialties, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency response teams. Electronic medical reports make this possible. when faced with critical situations, you can easily make more timely decisions as ou can access charts on a mobile device whenever you need them.

There is better workflow. There is reduced efficiency and productivity whenever a process involves a lot of paperwork. With the use of electronic health records, the clutter of paperwork ids reduced significantly. This, in turn, results in increased efficiency and productivity. Doctors get more time with their patients as they do not have to go through the long processes of filling out forms.

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